Triple Registered American Bashkir
Curly Stallion  ABC 2962,  ICHO 215-D, Curly Sporthorse International C00554-00

FACTS:  Grullo, 15h Stallion
Extreme curly,  so suspsected homozygous for curls.

Faraon came to us in July 2007, as a very green, but friendly stallion. He had originally been purchased to be used as a second ‘show’ stallion for his performing owner, but time constraints had limited his education and work commitments forced his owner to sell. 

This was great news of us – Faraon has an outstanding temperament – living a natural life here in Wales with his herd of geldings and proving to be an excellent herd leader.  At 16 hands, he is a stunning iron grey stallion, who is slowly going white from nose to tail. His mane now reaches his knees and remains fairly intact despite the group scratches and mud!

We are standing Faraon at stud for 2010 to outside mares, as well as including him in our curly breeding programme, to bring size and presence into the curly mares we have chosen for him.

A wonderful, well bred Stallion, with good bone, luxurious mane and tail and  a temperament second to none.  If you are looking for good looks and great character, this is your man.
AI available UK only from March 2010. £75/dose, vets recommend 3 doses per breeding
Please apply for shipping costs and more information.

Stud fee £500