Trevor Hall Farm: Hypoallergenic Horses for Sport and Pleasure.






Our cattle have been carefully selected from the pedigree herd of Haven Herefords, run by Edward Lewis of The Haven, Hereford.  This herd has been in Edward’s family, producing top quality pedigree Hereford Cattle since 1822.    


With animal and beef production becoming more and more of a science,  even embryos from Canada have been used by Haven Herefords  to introduce preferable traits into the breeding, such as udder size, ease of calving and specific genes known  to produce the correct marbling in the beef for tenderness and flavour.  We have read and sought advice in the UK and Canada and before purchasing our cattle. taking into account all the different aspects for the selection of our foundation stock.   


We were so impressed with Edward’s stock, that we shall be visiting Haven Herefords again in the early summer to use their outstanding, award winning bull, The Wizard, to provide not only young stock to raise for beef, but additional young cows to add to our foundation herd.  Our aim is to produce top quality beef for our clients and excellent breeding stock for sale to both pedigree breeders and beef farmers in the UK and Europe…………..


Trevor Hall, Exterior View