Since 2010, Trevor Hall Farm has hosted monthly horsemanship clinics for all levels of handlers and riders with our in-house trainer, Rhian Burrell.  We have found that training and handling our horses in this way promotes understanding and respect, as well as helping both horse and owner to have a safe, rewarding and above all fun relationship.

We have seen fantastic results with both our youngsters who are handled and started under saddle this way, as well as our older horses that have been re-trained, so we want to share this knowledge with you through our monthly in-house courses as well as visiting trainers.


KEN FAULKNER - World Renowned Australian Natural Horseman winner of The Way of the Horse 2012.   What this horseman doesn't know about horses and starting horses is not worth knowing.  Now the official had of Cowboy Dressage Australia.     2018 Dates 24th - 30th July - Young horse/newcomers clinic 24th & 25th July; ridden horsemanship 26th & 27th July and Cowboy Dressage 28th & 29th July 2018.  



Trevor Hall Estate comprises 150 acres of pasture and woodlands.  We have recently completed our new livery barn which can house up to 10 horses for traditional livery, but we are also able to offer paddock paradise livery which can aid the rehabilitation of horses, particularly those requiring limited access to grazing.   We have developed a support team of advisors who can help with individual nutrition advice, plus vets, farriers and trimmers to help us promote this rehabilitation, so please contact us if we can help you or your horse in any way.   All liveries include full use of our facilities and estate grounds, enabling horse and rider to train and have fun within the safety of the estate. Please contact us for more information.