WARRIOR LYNX aka Trouble

ABC  464 ½, ICHO 28-D
1998 Line-Back Dun Stallion.


Hypoallergenic American Bashkir Curly/American Quarter Horse Stallion. 
His excellent bloodlines have something for the curly enthusiasts and well as the Quarter Horse lovers.    His Sire is Seekers Warrior*, top Curly Warrior Foundation Stallion - known producer of top class working and pleasure horses.  His dam, Lynette Lynx American Quarter Horse  #2139367 has excellent bloodlines, with Foundation Quarter Horse sires Doc Bar, King, Leo, Joe Reed, Poco Bueno running through her pedigree. 
“Trouble” (who is everything but) charms everyone he meets.  His gentle disposition is so outstanding that you cannot fail to fall in love with him.  Friendly and gentle to both children and adults – ridden by the smallest jockeys and busiest cow hands.  This horse will never disappoint in any situation.  Natural Horsemanship enthusiasts will have seen him regularly as GaWaNi Pony Boy’s right hand man on many of his horsemanship books, when still only a 2 year old colt, and they both travelled the US extensively over the last 6 years, spreading the word…
This horse is a once in a lifetime horse – let him give your mare a once in a lifetime foal…….
Line-Back Dun
Hypoallergenic coat – will not cause reaction to all but the most extreme sufferers.  We recommend a hair test to prove it!!  Curly coat in the winter and straight in the summer. 
Curly gene dominant, so bred to your straight mare you will have a 50% chance of a hypoallergenic and/or curly foal; bred to your curly mare you will have a 75% chance of curls and 100% hypoallergenic.
Excellent Bloodlines
Amazing Disposition
Good bone, dense hooves, stamina.
If you are looking to breed quality stock for sport, work or pleasure, with good bone, excellent temperament and the work ethic of the curly and quarter horse breeds, this is the stallion you are looking for.   There is no other stallion like him available worldwide, as his great sire was sadly euthanased this summer after an injury. 

Natural covering stud fee is £650/€780 to include livery costs for mare.  To help mare owners with rising stud costs, we offer a reduced stud fee for Frozen semen of £500/€650.  A1 available uk & Europe.
£80/€100 per dose/insemination (6-8 straws). Vets recommend 3 doses. Frozen semen only for 2013.
Contact us for shipping costs and more information.

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Trouble with Handler



"can someone wake me up when it gets interesting...."