ICHO registered
Born 2nd April 2010


"Spirit" was our first foal from our stud stallion, Warrior Lynx  born in 2010. As soon as he arrived, we could see that he was going to be a tremendous colt, following in the footsteps of his father.  Calm, friendly temperament.  Strong, powerful and  hardy.  Nothing is too much trouble for Spirit.  He loves fuss, loves to learn and has been easy to teach from the beginning.  Spirit is an extreme curly, which means he sheds his mane and tail each spring, but also makes him more suitable for some allergy sufferers.

Over the last 4 years we have taught Spirit his groundwork on our Ken Faulkner young horse clinics  and then in August 2012, we took him along to Sovereign Quarter Horses, home of the top Western Riders and Trainers, David & Sarah Deptford, where he spent 3 months with Andrew Plant, an up-coming performance horse starter and trainer, based at Sovereign. Spirit has taken easily to his work and his subsequent ridden work at home and is proving to be a joy to be around and ride.  

Spirit is a great riding horse in western or english, as he takes to his training easily and enjoys his work.  Spirit is hypoallergenic coated and currently stands at 15h .