Trevor Hall, Exterior View

Our cattle have been carefully selected and bred to produce top quality Pedigree Hereford Horned cattle.  Our aim is to produce not only an excellent beef producing animal, but we pay particular attention to the temperament, confirmation and markings to ensure we produce quality stock suitable for sale to the Pedigree market.    

2013 saw the purchase of our first stock bull - Auckvale Gameplan - an already proven superior carcasse sire with oustanding looks, confirmation and temperament.  Gameplan matches our older cows and home bred stock perfectly and we look forward to seeing his calves on the ground later in the year.  We have paid particular attention to ensuring our breeding lines will produce preferable traits into our breeding plan, such as udder size, ease of calving and specific genes known  to produce the correct marbling in the beef for tenderness and flavour.  We have read and sought advice in the UK and Canada,  before purchasing our cattle and taken into account all the different aspects for the selection of our foundation stock and stock bull.   

In addition to our pedigree stock for sale, we also offer beef direct to the public both 10/20kg boxes and individual cuts.  Our steers have proven time and again that our management and breed lines produce top quality tasting beef as well as a consistent 62% finished beef ratio.