28 Matured Grass Fed Hereford Beef

At Trevor Hall Farm we rear our pedigree Hereford Herd traditionally and allow our animals to grow slowly.

We offer either mixed hand packed boxes - 10kg or 20kg, or individual cuts to your requirements.

Why Grass Fed?

The merits of grass fed animals for human consumption has long been recognised, allowing the animals to mature slowly,  more as nature intended.  No winter housing in barns, constricting their movement and affecting their mental welfare.  Our animals roam freely over the farm 365 days of the year and the taste and quality of our meat confirm that this is by far the best form of animal husbandry when possible. 

So it’s good for the animals, but why for us?  Well, a grass fed diet increases the concentrations of Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in the meat, in comparison to grain fed animals.  These fatty acids also occur in oily fish, and play an important role in the way our bodies utillise food and eliminate waste material.  As we cannot produce these acids in our bodies,  we have to eat them in order to fulfil our requirements.    The preventative health benefits are extensive – prevention of coronary heart disease, cancer and degenerative illnesses, plus the reduction of depression and behavioural conditions.  Not only all these health benefits, but its effect on our metabolism helps to reduce body fat as well.